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A Masterpiece of a Book

Mousterpiece - Jane Breskin Zalben

Art often gets left out of most in-classroom teaching, but I believe that "Mousterpiece" can help bridge that gap. The book is about a mouse who copies the styles of famous artists in her paintings. She is discovered and asked to display her artwork in a show. She realizes that her favorite painting is the one that was an "original" design, inspiring readers to create their own unique artwork. In the back of the book, there are facts about the famous artists and works of art featured in the book, which is a great resource for students and teachers. I would use this book as a companion/sidekick to another book or lesson. If the class was learning about a specific artist (and if "mousterpiece" had that artist in the book), I would use the book as a segway into the specific artist lesson. For a more adaptable lesson, I would read this book aloud to the class to keep the students inspired to create their own art and be true to themselves when doing any type of art activities in class. 


Lexile: 540L

Grade Level Equivalent: 2.3