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"Rules" Rules!!!

Rules - Cynthia Lord

I have read "Rules" many times because I can't get enough of it. It is the story of a girl named Catherine who's brother has autism which she has to deal with on a daily basis. She meets a boy, Jason, who is in a wheelchair and speaks using picture cards. She quickly befriends him and learns so much about him and his disability. This book is absolutely fantastic for teaching students about different types of diversities and disabilities. I would love to have a class set of "Rules" so that the whole class can read it and go more in-depth with the text. There are suggested study/discussion questions in the back of the book as well as activities that would go along great with the book, which I would probably use. But most importantly, I would have an activity to go along with this book where the students go to the special needs room at the school and interact with the students there. Either that or have some of the students come to our classroom. I could let students come up with simple games or fun activities to do or we could simply read books to them. Either way, I would love for this book to be a way to introduce students to other people with disabilities and I know it has the potential to do so. 


Guided Reading: R

Lexile: 780L

Suggested Grade: 4th