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Ben Rides On (To the Top of My List)

Ben Rides On - Matt  Davies

This wonderful and beautifully illustrated book tells of a boy named Ben who has a super cool, brand new bike that the school bully steals from him. After school, Ben finds his banged up bike, but also sees the bully hanging on a branch over a cliff about to fall off. After much deliberation, Ben makes the right choice to help the bully even though he has been mean to him, making this book a great one for teaching manners and character to young (and old) students. I would personally use this in the classroom for many different reasons. It opens up a discussion for bullying, for making good decisions, and for safety. Bicycles in general offer up a lot of learning opportunities: physics, rotational motion, STEM activities, inclined planes, etc. A teacher could also do some sort of typical "after-reading" book activity like summarizing, sequencing, etc, but change it to incorporate a bicycle into the worksheet/activity. 


A.R. Level 3.6

Lexile Level: AD730L

I personally recommended: Ages 2-10+


I love this!

In the front of the book on the info page, it says "In books, kids do crazy things, like... ride a bicycle without protecting their heads. In real life, you should always remember to wear your helmet when riding your bike"

Perfect Class Book

Regarding the Fountain: A Tale, in Letters, of Liars and Leaks - Kate Klise, M. Sarah Klise

This book is filled with all kinds of opportunities for teaching! There are science facts, letter writing, and letters about places from all over the world! This book has too much information to share it all! Using this book as a class reading will open up the possibilities for the teacher to teach about:

- Letter writing and writing in general

- Geography/History

- Different vocabulary words

- All types of word play

- Many different resources for text (newspaper, postcard, letter, telegram, etc)

- Creativity and design (the students could design their own crazy water fountain)


Reading Level: 

- Guided Reading= S

- Lexile = 830L

- Grades 4-5

- Chapter Book (138 Pages)

Read This Book to Advanced Readers!

This Is Not a Picture Book! - Sergio Ruzzier

This is a perfect book for teachers to read to students who are starting to move out of picture books and are now reading chapter books. This book's text describes a character that doesn't want to read a book because it doesn't have any pictures, but the character figures out that words describe the picture to the reader. The pictures heavily support and add to the text- when the character says that books say "sad" things, the pictures show what the character is probably reading about. Overall, this is a great book that should be read aloud to a class of any age. Teachers should stress "Reading books without pictures shouldn't scare you off" when reading it to the class. The teacher could even read the book without showing the pictures then read it while showing the pictures. 

Bryan Left Me Cryin'

The Invisible Boy - Trudy Ludwig, Patrice Barton

The book "The Invisible Boy" by Patrice Barton is a about a boy named Bryan who feels invisible because the other kids in his class don't ever notice him. When a new kid comes to school, they become friends and everything brightens up for both Bryan and the new kid. The only problem I had with the book was that the problem was solved a little too abruptly. This book has amazing pictures that show the development of the "invisible boy" who slowly gains his colors back. In the back of the book, there are discussion questions for teachers to use with their classrooms. It also includes recommended readings on the same page. For this reason and many more, I highly recommend this book to teachers and students alike!